Gaming Club @ OSU

We are a student club at Oregon State University focused on gaming of all sorts, PC, Console, Table-top, etc. We host events ranging from small weekly table-top game nights in our Sackett Gaming Room, large 150+ seat LAN's. We also maintain several game servers.

Our next large Event is Let There Be LAN 5 January 18th & 19th in the Memorial Union Ballroom. We will have a Leauge of Legends tournament sponsored by Kingston, and MOBA Stomp. As well as DotA 2 and Starcraft 2 tournaments. Other notable games for this event include Minecraft, TF2, The Ship, Halo Combat Evolved, Left 4 Dead 2, assorted board and card games, and maybe even a one-off pen and paper RPG. Doors open at noon on Saturday and close up around 5pm on Sunday. Admission is $20 for a PC seat which includes table space, a chair, power and network connections and can be purchase at A $5 pass is available for those not wanting a full seat. Anyone paying admission may take part in any of the lan events, but only those paying for a seat will be able to setup a computer.

Our weekly Table top nights are thursday nights at 6pm in the Sackett Gaming Room. To take part come to the south-west corner of the Sackett hall and call 541-737-2640 to be let in.

We also run several game servers:
Minecraft Bukkit mod :
Vanilla Minecraft :
Mumble voice :
TF2 :
CS:GO : csgo
Just Cause 2 MP :
Starbound :

Also check out our facebook page for breaking news and more upcoming events.